The app has a home screen with a collection of images. Each of the images is an album and tapping on the image takes user to a detail screen.

The wireframe provided is remain the same but the client need to redesigned as allowed to the job task. At the beginning this project has 3 screens example in the app.

A home screen, detail screen and a gallery screen as attached picture below.

On top of that, the client need a few screen when the user taps on the plus button and onboarding screen. We have been collaborating with the third party software like Figma.


Basic App Design 


Sonu Vr

Delivery Assets

UI/UX Design, Icons

Do the Speaking,

Research, Analyze,

and Hi-Fidelity Designs.

Deliver the best for users and should consider how they feel as well. It’s nothing wrong about our designs. It’s about making the product more user-friendly. Whenever we have to be creative to come up with a solution do Crazy Eight. It won’t let us to stuck in the same design but let us think in different angles.

In order to redesign what client has, I had collaborated with him to come up a new design but need to keep the concept as per requirement. At a first glance, I had designed 4 screens to show up basic app that whenever a user tap on any single image, he/she will go to the detail screen. The client need just only 5 images and 5 videos and has a ”view all” button to the gallery screen.

First and foremost, the client has decided to add for “Add a New Album” screen. I have redesigned an “add button” from home screen to “floating action button”.

Mr Sonu Vr has concerned about the flow and process when a user tap “add button”. The app should only stored locally rather than cloud server as this functionality is constraint for cloud storage. It’s depends on the local storage itself.